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Mezzanine Floor

The key benefit of a mezzanine is the ability to create an additional storage area within an existing warehouse. The platform makes use of vertical space which would otherwise go unused.

A mezzanine floor can be constructed in one of two ways; one with pallet racking supporting the floors, and other one are beams and columns where the space underneath the floor is kept clear. Both of these options has its benefits and can be useful for storing products. No matter which design you choose, you also get the benefit of a number of possible add-ons, such as handrails, conveyors and staircases.

We fabricate the mezzanine here in Australia, it allows us to provide customers with short lead time and fully custom floors with 8 Years Warranty.

We also offers mezzanine extention, relcation and installation service with our In-House installation team at most competitive rate.

Key benefits

  • Max out space by doubling your floor space

  • It can be disassembled and reconfigured if relocations

  • Stand alone structure, usually requires no council approvals.​

  • Custom built within your budget

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