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Racking Inspection & Repairs
Lindell racking inspection services help you to ensure that your storage equipment is safe to use and capable of providing the highest levels of productivity.  In Australia, Pallet racking must have an inspection every 12 months to comply AS4084 Standard, 
Our Service
  • Identify and report problems before they become serious

  • Confirm the safety, integrity and reliability of your racking systems

  • Minimise the risk of workplace accidents or racking system collapse

  • Ensure worker safety and prevent injury, loss of life, heavy fines, compensation claims and legal action as a result of faulty equipment

  • Maintain safety standards and comply with Worksafe regulations

Following this inspection, a professional report is presented containing the description of the general condition of the installation (racking, floor, usage, load), and an overview of the measures to be taken, classified into risk categories depending on the severity of the damage and the urgency of the repair.
Maintenance and Repairs
Racking repairs can often be extremely costly and time consuming, that’s where Lindell are different, we have a quick cost effective solution for you. All repairs and replacement will be carried out within a timely fashion and ensuring that minimal disruption to your business operations. 

If you have a high level of damage at a particular area, you should consider adding high up column protection to frames to help lessen the constant replacement of frames, which can become very expensive over time.

It is very important to check the racking conditions on regular routine basis by own personnel, if there are issues detected, it should contact us urgently or your rack suppliers.

Other Service

We offer fully custom racking 

solution to meet various storage needs

We offer one stop solution from design to manufacturing and installations to be ready to use immediately

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