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Custom Designed Storage Systems
We understand each warehouse is different, and each customer has different requirement. Therefore, we offer fully custom racking solutions to meet various storage needs.
Factors that affect the final layout may include floor area, personnel access, type of product, and your total budget. Lindell can work with you to plan, design and implement the perfect custom racking system to fits your exact specifications.
With our own manufacturing capability,  allow us with endless solutions and customization to your storage configuration and can provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution. 
Our custom solutions deliver and fabricate all racking components for each project, to build a wide range of custom designed storage systems using pallet racks, industrial shelving, and mezzanine components to maximise your space and investment.
Other Service

We offer exclusive engineering service to our clients to tackle particular storage requirement

We offer one stop solution from design to manufacturing and installations to be ready to use immediately

Lindell racking inspection services help you to ensure that your storage equipment is safe to use

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