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Drive-in Racking

This is a system that is designed to optimise storage space for homogeneous products. The idea is to use the available area as efficiently as possible – with fewer aisles and more pallets per square metre.


The racking components form inner loading lanes with support rails on each side for the pallets. The forklift drives into the lanes and stacks the goods onto the rails, all the way until the end, thereby utilising the full depth of the installation.


The rack itself is made of a robust material, making it durable and fit to handle fully loaded pallets. If placed against a wall, it works according to the FILO (first in, last out) principle. With drive-through access, it can also be used in line with the FIFO (first in, first out) principle.


Key benefits

• Low initial investment

• Optimal utilisation of storage space

• Both FIFO and FILO possible 

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