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Lifetime Service

Lifetime Service
Professional Support Over Product Lifetime

Lindell are endeavouring to provide excellent after-sale service to our existing clients, and lifetime service are adding more premium values over our superior storage system. Our lifetime service program helps ensure the continuity and performance of our racking system for the duration of their entire life cycle.  

Racking Maintenance and Repairs

A regular maintenance and inspection is crucial to the proper operation of your warehouse storage to ensure the racking system are in excellent condition for daily operations. We also provide repairs service for damaged racking promptly.

Spare Components

We provide right spare parts for your racking system, as we have all your racking installations details on file for fast and accurate identification to supply you as quickly as possible. 

Upgrade & Relocation

Whether clients decide to upgrade the existing racking for optimisations or moving locations, Lindell can best determine and provide upgrade options to match your requirements, and our swiftly relocation service can minimise interruption  of the business operations.

Engineering Support

Lindell provide ongoing engineering 

support for our existing racking rack system over lifetime ensure clients are utilise our racking system correctly and safely. We also assist clients to modify existing racking for adjustment.

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