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AS4084 Standard

AS4084-2012 Standard
Racking System with Superior Quality 
Lindell's pallet racking system is certified to meet the requirements of AS4084-2012 , by independently tested from engineering firm Rockfield Technologies in QLD.
AS4084-2012- Steel Storage Racking Standard sets out minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking in the limit states method.
While Lindell often supply the racking system exceed the standard, with much higher tensile steel, larger section and material thickness to ensure our system has much longer life cycle and bigger safety factor than our competitors. 
There are long list of racking suppliers in Australia, inevitably, it has mixed with sub-standard products that are very hard for clients to compare its actual mechanical properties and it is critical to only use racking system has been complied with Australia Standard. Lindell's racking system has eight years warranty and lifetime service, and our project quotes are very competitive among its industry.
It is very important all warehouse racking should complete a Racking Safety Audit every 12 months to ensure your racking meets Australian Standards. Our racking inspection service will audit and identify any current or potential dangers that require immediate action, to make the warehouses safety to use at all time.
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